Welcome to Theme Street for WordPress

Online Institute put together this collection of free and open source themes to make it easier to build your WordPress site. There’s 2 ways to preview themes:

#1  WordPress Theme Gallery

#2  Live Theme Previewer


It’s important to keep your themes updated, just like it is the core software and you can always check the updates link within your dashboard to see what needs updating.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that when you decide to change the look of your website, you no longer have to edit every single page but can simply change the theme within the appearance section of the dashboard.

We hope you enjoy this collection of free themes and encourage you to check back with us as we will be adding more.

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Adding Pictures

One of the nicest features of WordPress is the ability to drag-and-drop pictures from your desktop directly into the word press media library. In your dashboard click “Media” on the left and then go to “Add new.” You can then drag-and-drop an image from you desktop onto the WordPress screen or click to select files from your computer. To add them to a post or page, simply click “add media” within the post.

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How to Change Themes

To change a theme in WordPress simply log into your dashboard, then hover over the “Appearance” link on the left and go to the submenu and click “Themes.” There you will see all your currently installed themes and you can simply click activate to make that your theme for the entire site. You can also click the “add new” tab near the top of the page and browse available themes that can be easily added with a few clicks.

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Keep WordPress Up to Date

45It’s easy to keep WordPress up today, just log into your dashboard and click the update link on the upper left. We recommend backing up your word press files and database first, and then the simplest way to proceed is to click the “Update now” button.

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A World of Infinite Designs

theme-city2As you read this, hundreds of skilled web designers are churning out exciting new WordPress templates, known as themes.

This is a human-edited compilation of free themes, each appealing enough to be featured by Online Institute and available for instant-install with Hosting.

All themes here are released as free “open source” files meaning anyone with a WordPress install can use them.

For website owners, this means that with a single install of WordPress you can keep your site cutting-edge by updating your theme, adding plug-ins and widgets that make your site sing.

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How Hosting Works

wordpress-hosting-worksOnline Institute has been hosting WordPress since its earliest days.

Our servers are optimized for installing plug-ins and changing themes and we help you get started by installing the source-code and your first theme for you.

After everything is ready, we email you your admin login which gives you access to the WordPress dashboard where you can change themes, add features and post new pages.

We also give you your own domain name (www.example.com) as  the hub of your online presence. We take care of all the technical stuff and oversee the servers so that you can focus on producing an awesome website.


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The Power of Open Source

open source wordpress

Open source is a specific kind of free software that allows communities of developers to make constant improvements, share feedback and suggest new features.

The advantages that developers from all over the world can improve the software rather than just one company or one department.

This gives WordPress and added edge over its competitors who have closed source applications that have a difficult time keeping up with the innovations from the WP community.

OLI was a pioneer in hosting open source software starting in 1996, and has continued to help grow free software communities.

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